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Sell My Flute - THE website for flute players to sell and buy used flutes and second hand printed music.

Welcome to Sell My Flute. We are not a music shop, but provide advertising space for flautists to advertise their used flutes or used flute music for sale to a focussed group of musicians. We have tried to make the process of advertising and buying used flutes and printed music for sale through Sell My Flute as easy, safe and cost-effective as possible. The site is designed to give used flutes, piccolos, flute accessories and used printed music a new lease of life!

Go directly to either the registration or log in pages to place your ad, look at the used flutes currently advertised for sale, used flute music for sale, scroll down through this page to find out more or visit the seller's information, buyer's information or price guide pages for details.

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The flute, the instrument with a history that dates back thousands of years, the instrument with a presence in some recognisable form in nearly every civilisation - the only modern orchestral instrument to regularly be crafted from precious metals. From the Concert Hall filling sound of a great flautist to the more earthy folk and world music, the flute is a wonderfully satisfying instrument to play and master.

If you are looking to sell (or buy) any kind of flute, whether it is simple key-less flute, a basic fipple flute such as a recorder or ocarina, a hand-crafted wooden, keyed flute or a modern nickel, silver or gold Boehm flute, Sell My Flute is the first place to advertise your instrument, or to look to buy a used flute. Through these pages we would like sellers to offer used flutes of all kinds for sale: open hole flutes, closed hole flutes, offset G flutes, piccolos, wooden flutes, flutes from Asia and the Far East - anything that falls into the flute family!

Do you have stacks of flute music that are piled in the corners of the room, or taking up shelf space and not played any more? Advertise them for sale on Sell My Flute and give someone else the opportunity to learn and perform the music. You can list any used printed music from basic beginners technique, an edition from the Trevor Wye Practice Books through to more advanced Poulenc performance pieces and so on. Flute cases and other flute-related accessories can also be advertised on Sell My Flute and will be displayed in the listings with the used flutes.

Two for the Price of One!! An advertisement placed on Sell My Flute will also be displayed on our parent website TAF Music for the duration of the advertisement's life.

Have a look at other sites in our family of used musical instument websites at Sell My Clarinet (sellmyclarinet.co.uk), Sell My-Guitar (sellmy-guitar.co.uk), Sell My Harp (sellmyharp.co.uk), Sell My violin (sellmyviolin.co.uk) to buy and sell other instruments. Advertisements cost from as little as £0.50 for a musical instrument or flute accessory and £0.25 for used printed music.

Go directly to either the registration or log in pages to place your ad or find out more on the information for sellers page.